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What's New?
Swing Trading Options Site Blog

  On this page is a blog of activity on this site, and updates of reviews and offers.

This is my site blog, so that you can keep up as I make updates. Look out especially for updates on autotrading sites that I review, for trading tips and for special offers or opportunities.


Best Options Brokers

Reviews of four of the best Options Brokers which offer autotrading facilities

Continue reading "Best Options Brokers"

Option Trading Strategies

How to match Option Trading Strategies to your favorite Stock Trading Strategies

Continue reading "Option Trading Strategies"

Trend analysis

Learn a simple two step process of market and stock trend analysis for credit spread setups

Continue reading "Trend analysis"

Selling Credit Spreads

How to Sell Credit Spreads for steady profits - a practical step by step approach with real examples

Continue reading "Selling Credit Spreads"

Selling Naked Puts

Selling Naked Puts: Getting paid to buy your favourite stock

Continue reading "Selling Naked Puts"

Learn Options Trading

Learn Options Trading - 7 steps to becoming a successful options trader

Continue reading "Learn Options Trading"

Newsletter Reviews

Option investment advisory service reviews - information on more than 80 option investment advisors

Continue reading "Newsletter Reviews"

Learn Option Trading

Learn option trading, starting from the basic concepts of options

Continue reading "Learn Option Trading"

Credit Spread Trade - how to set one up

Step by step instructions on how to set up a credit spread trade; the safest route to profit

Continue reading "Credit Spread Trade - how to set one up"

Steady Options Review

Steady Options Review - their services, costs and performance

Continue reading "Steady Options Review"



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