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Terry's Tips (also called Stock Options Success) is an options trading advisory newsletter that specialises in trading horizontal or calendar spreads. When you sign up, you get a 70 page white paper that details the strategy employed by Dr. Terry F. Allen to trade options. Terry's stated aim is to help you make 36% growth on your portfolio per annum, which is three times what you would normally get by trading the S&P. Through his e-book and blog, it is easy to see Terry's commitment to the education of his subscribers, and he attempts to make you feel included in the process. There are two programs available, both of which include free trial periods and options trading tutorials, as well as the downloaded e-book - one that sends you end of day signals, and one that allows autotrading, and sends you real-time signals.


Terry's Tips has no clear indication of performance on the website, although Terry does discuss his performance here. Once you have signed up for the service, you get access to all the data (Tip: you can sign up a 14 day trial, during which you can evaluate the performance).


Terry's Tips has two different programs. You get a White Paper with Inside membership for a one-time charge of $79.95, followed by $19.95 per month after your free trial. You can sign up for that here. The second level, which includes real-time trade alerts and auto-trading, costs $49.98 per month after the free trial.


Terry's Tips is only autotraded on ThinkorSwim.


Terry's Tips is quite a popular service, and has many endorsements (see one of the comments below). Terry invests a lot into educating his clients, initially through his 'White Paper'. The performance data are not immediately accessible, but you can get them by signing up for the free 14 day trial.

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Iron Condor Trading, as well as Credit Spread Trading. Invest in an Iron Condor trading course, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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Brad Castro (Austin, TX, USA) Jan 31, 2010
Terry's Tips
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Terry's Tips also goes by the name Stock Option Success.

I was a subscriber back in 2007. I really liked this service for two reasons - I made money and I learned a lot.

The service basically employs calendar or horizontal spreads - buying longer term options and selling shorter term options against them. If you understand covered call writing, these type of calendar spreads are very similar. You don't write calls against stock, you write calls against LEAPS. But the returns are potentially much greater since LEAPS cost considerably less than the underlying stock.

Membership is a little different than most subscription services but it basically works like this: you pay $79.95 for his White Paper which details his approach and strategies. You then get "free" membership to his site for two months. After that, it's $20-$25 a month if you continue.

He's got a lot of different model portfolios based on modified strategies and such. Some are more aggressive, some are more conservative.

Terry Allen seems pretty cool - he apparently spent 25 years trading on the floor of the CBOE so obviously he knows how to make money, and you can tell from his White Paper and his weekly newsletter that he really has fun with this stuff.

I cancelled after a few months. I was still in the process of perfecting my own investing/trading strategy, but what I learned here was instrumental in my development. That's the sign of a good service - one that teaches you enough so you don't have to rely on someone else forever. I really loved the White Paper.

I've tried a number of services in the past - various newsletters from MorningStar and Motley Fool, Income Spread Trader, Trading Markets, VectorVest, and two or three services I'm too embarrassed to list here. Terry's Tips was my favourite.

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