Steady Options Review

Steady Options Review

Steady Options has consistently positive reviews on sites like Investimonials and Pro Trading Profits. The focus of the service is twofold: Steady Options, comprising options trading, using a mix of non-directional options strategies like straddles, strangles, calendars, Iron Condors; and Anchor trades, comprising a portfolio of stocks or ETFs hedged with options. Members get 15-20 trade alerts per month, with a maximum of six open trades at any time. Trades are open for 7-12 days, and the service claims a 59% win ratio, out of 484 trades. The objective of the site owners is to teach you how to trade options as a business, where you become your own risk master. The basis for their trades are implied volatiliy around earnings, and use of the Greeks is fundamental to the strategy. With a starting portfolio of $10,000 the service aims for an average of 5-7% portfolio growth per month.

Comment from the Publishers

The owners of Steady Options had the following to say about their service:

SteadyOptions provides options trading and education using non-directional option trading strategies for steady and consistent profits.

Unlike many other subscription services, we offer a complete portfolio approach. We don't send just few credit spreads or Iron Condor trades. Instead, we use a diversified approach by trading a mix of non-directional market neutral strategies and balancing the portfolio Greeks. Our members can expect a complete transparency. Our performance data is based on real fills, not hypothetical performance or "profit potential".


Steady Options provides detailed performance results, with postings since 2011. The results tables are clear, although they do not show the actual trades. The data are verified independently by Pro Trading Profits, who rates them postively with a profitable overall strategy.


Steady Options costs $99 month, $265 quarterly and $995 annually.

The secondary service, Anchor Trades costs $59 month, $1555 quarterly and $595 annually.

A combination of both services costs $125 month, $325 quarterly and $1195 annually.


Steady Options does not use autotrading, as they place a high value on educating their clients and developing each client as his own risk manager.


Steady Options has the great advantage of being postively reviewed by several independent parties. This service is not for the part time trader, but is intended for someone who has access to his trading platform during market hours. As always, I recommend that you study their performance for yourself in detail, look at other reviews, and try them out with caution.

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Iron Condor Trading, as well as Credit Spread Trading. Invest in an Iron Condor trading course, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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  • I have posted the basic information for the trading service, Steady Options. The service does not autotrade, as it places high value on education and intelligent trading. Of all the services that I have looked at, this one has the highest independent reviews. Check out their performance for yourself...

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