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Splitmaster reviewSplitmaster has a variety of strategies, and they sometimes change their strategies, so it is worth visiting their website often to see the latest updates. With a combination of day trading, trading around the period that a stock is likely to split, trading around earnings, options and option combinations (such as the butterfly debit spread), you will get plenty of signals to choose from in your monthly subscription. In August 2013, they had claimed to have gained over 800% gains with their butterfly spread strategy. At the moment, their favoured strategies are:

  • SPY Debit Butterfly - claiming a 100% success rate
  • The Indicator SPY - a day trading strategy using simply traded calls or puts. 74% success rate claimed
  • The Indicator Vertical - a new strategy, trading vertical debit option spreads on the SPY.
  • Butterfly Trading around Earnings - 75% success rate
  • The Split Strategy - a new strategy, built on their experience with stock splits, but using vertical debit option spreads to leverage the movement in stock price

Comment from the Publishers

Tony Ponzo and Mike Celeste had the following to say about their service:

SplitMaster.com is a service that has been providing stock and option strategies and trading education since 1999. Two of our day trading strategies have had a tremendous amount of success over the last two years.

  • The Indicator Strategy - has one to three trades a week, takes less than two hours a week to follow and is boasting a 93% win rate.
  • The Momentum Strategy - has one to four trades a day, is usually finished each day in less than 2 1/2 hours and is boasting an 80% win rate with over a 240% profit year to day for 2009.


  • Trading period is less than a day. This means you can use your same investment dollars to trade over and over again.
  • Easy to follow conservative approach.
  • Make trades from the comfort of your own computer using your own brokerage firm.
  • Invest less than 1-3 hours of your time each day during the week.
  • Decide which trades you want to follow and which ones you don't.
  • Investment amount can be less than $1,000 per trade or as high as you choose.

To see results click on this link: http://www.splitmaster.com/ Then go to the past results page and choose the Indicator Past results or the Momentum Strategy past results.

NOTE: at the time of publishing this review, the above information was out of date. I have contacted the webmasters to ask for a revision


Splitmaster provides clear and followable data on their performance for each year of trading and for each strategy.


Splitmaster costs $84.95 per month, and includes access to signals on all their strategies, as well as free access to some educational material, and a money back guarantee. The subscription is monthly based, so you can cancel at any time.


There are plenty of references to autotrading on both the website and in the trading results, but I could not find any information on exactly where this is hosted. They are currently not on the ThinkorSwim list, although they evidently have been in the past.


Splitmaster has several strategies to choose from, and they periodically introduce new strategies. Their website is neither very fancy nor up to date (except posted results), but this may simply be a sign that they putting their effort into their area of expertise (trading) rather than putting up a glossy website. There are no available independent reviews of their performance that I could find.

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Iron Condor Trading, as well as Credit Spread Trading. Invest in an Iron Condor trading course, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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User Comments

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Anonymous Mar 14, 2011
Splitmaster review - Profitability
Rating: star

In 6 weeks I have lost 25% of my autotraded account. (Aggressive Momentum strategy). According to their own performance records I should be ahead. Something is badly wrong here. I suspect something fraudulent here. I am ending my subscription and recommend nobody sign up with these guys!

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