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Site Build It!

  On this page you will learn how I built this website, and how you can do it just as easily.
Site Build It!  


How I started this website

Motivated by a desire to document what I have learnt over the years, and to share that knowledge, I had the idea to start a website. However, turning the idea into reality proved to be not so easy. I had never written anything in html before, I had no idea what software to use, and I didn't even know how a website was set up. I started looking around, and found that it was Pretty Darn Complex! First, you have to get a domain registered, then set up a template, then write pages, then submit XML files....and anyway, what on earth was SEO, SERP, backlinks, RSS and all that other fancy jargon? It is a jungle out there! And there seemed to be a tiger behind every shrub waiting to pounce on my credit card and provide a service that I was not sure whether I needed or not - but their sales page convinced me that I probably couldn't do this without their special unique brand of help!


And then I found SBI or Site Build It!

For a very reasonable amount each year, this company has provided me with EVERYTHING I need to know. I couldn't believe it. First, they took me through a ten day training course. Before I knew it, I had done a keyword sorting exercise with their Brainstorming system (Wordsearch on steroids!), had a domain name, and then my own registered domain! After that, I just had to follow their planned outline, and within a month, I had 30 pages up.

At first, I thought it would be limiting to have to follow a prescribed plan, but then I found out how flexible their system is. I could have used their templates and page building software, or I could write my own html. In fact, they have just about every option that you could think of, and a few that you probably didn't know about! Then, I ran into a problem. This service has SO MUCH information, and so much flexibility, and so many tips and tricks listed in their HUGE forum, I had trouble knowing when to start - until I went back to their brilliantly laid out step by step guide. Within six months, my site was at #1 on Yahoo and MSN, and #11 on Google searches. And this for a complete beginner! You can see some other SBI sites that are ranked in the top 1% of all websites on the internet.

There were several things that I found out about SBI:

  • their main focus is not so much on building a website as it is on building a successful business. The website is a substantial tool in that business, but their focus is always on the big picture. They have an ordered and well thought out process for building your business from scratch. This process is equally useful for beginners and old hands.
  • SBI does it all for you! When you build a page, it is automatically checked for SEO. An XML file is automatically submitted to the search engines. The RSS is done for you. The linking is checked for you. You immediately get access to link exchanging opportunities.
  • for the things that you need to do yourself (like getting listed on directories), there is detailed information for every step.
  • if you still need more information, the SBI forums are loaded with material from the SBI user community. And when you ask a question in the forum, you very quickly get lots of responses from other eager SBIers, who freely share their knowledge. This community is the best. I made some good friends, and we have helped each other in lots of ways - reviewing each other's pages, helping each other get listed on DMOZ and other directories, discussing politics....and so on.
  • I also found out that the Site Build It system is being taught in over 20 major universities such as the University of Arizona and The Citadel. Now that's impressive.

As I do with any stock trading opportunity, I like to do my research, and I like to get independent reviews of the information I find. SBI's results speak for themselves, but there are plenty of happy SBIers out there who speak out pretty loudly too. I found plenty of proof for my pudding! In fact, SBI is so confident in their own product that they allow you to ask questions from their staff BEFORE you sign up, and then they even offer free trial and a full money back guarantee. And if you really get stuck, they will even build your site for you. Or consult on a portion of your site. The main issue is this: SBI's success is dependent on your online business doing well, and they throw in a lot of effort, material and resources to achieve this goal.

Here is a short video presentation on how SBI can help you set up your own online business:


If you are looking for more material, here are a bunch of free downloads for you. These are study courses in their own right:

Affiliate Masters Course Affiliate Masters Course:
How to set up an affiliate business, a key part of any online business;

Site Build It! WAHM Masters Course
A course for "Work at Home Moms" that will teach you how to set up your own online business. This was written by four WAHMs using their own experience;

Service Selling Masters Course Service Sellers Masters Course
How to sell your unique service online;

Webmasters Masters Course Webmaster BUSINESS Course
How to build a client site that generates traffic and sales;

Netwriting Masters Course Netwriting Masters Course
How to write copy for the Net that gets your sale through effective PRE-selling.


In short, I cannot recommend SBI enough. They got me started, they helped me through the rough patches, and I have gained so much confidence that I am ready to start my second site...and my wife wants to do one...and my kids are even interested!

Go to the SBI Introduction to find out more, or you can order directly if you prefer. But I suggest you click on all the other links here first, and do your own research. You will do even better to compare SBI with other services.


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