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Options HotlineOptions Hotline is one of the regular publications provided by Agora Financials. Run by Steve Sarnoff, the Options Hotline newsletter provides call and put trades every Sunday evening, ready for you to action on Monday morning. Sarnoff claims to be a second generation trader, and bases the secret of his success on the use of candlestick trading. The initial sales letters show no actual data, but is full of claims of trades that have more than 100% return per trade, with a 90% success rate. The sales pages promise that these results can turn $5,000 into $1 million dollars in five years.


Options Hotline does not give access to trading results, and so it is impossible to assess how successful the system is. A google search led me to this sales page, which gives a list of trades made since 2009. However, it is important to note the disclaimer at the bottom of the list, which states: 'Gains are based on all triggered picks, assuming exit point at peak option value. Percent gain represents the percentage change at the subsequent high value, from the trigger price. Profit calculations do not factor in commissions and taxes.' This means that all results are theoretical, based on hindsight, and dependent on the trader making the perfect exit! I was able to find a thorough review of these data, and their potential for integrity on this page, and I was able to find some subscriber generated reviews on one of my favorite sites, Stock Gumshoe.


Options Hotline appears to cost $500 per year, although this is not completely clear on any slaes page that I found.


Options Hotline is not autotraded


Options Hotline has spectacular claims on its sales pages, but it is hard to find verifiable data. As with any newsletter service, do your due diligence before subscribing.

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Eleanor (Pasadena, CA USA) Jan 31, 2010
Options Hotline
Rating: star

I used this service for two years and found their options picks inconsistent.

At times they would make really good recommendations that doubled and tripled and other times the option would expire worthless, sometimes one after the other. However, if an option rose above the entry price by even ten cents, they consider it a "win" regardless of weather the option ended in the worthless category. There is no exit strategy but there is a take profit strategy.

If you use the service, I recommend you set your own loss limits. I found I was better off trading on my own.

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  • Here are the essential details for the trading service, Options Hotline, one of the publications put out by Agora Financial. The newsletter provides weekly recommendations for call and put trades. Check out their performance for yourself..if you can find it!

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