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On this page I lay out all the different services offered by Options University - everything from Home Study to Online Webinars to the proprietry software - in, fact everything you need to become a successful options trader.


Free Reports and Videos from Options University

"Seven Deadly Sins"
Free Report

The 7 most common mistakes people make when trading options


Options University provides online options trading education and live options classes online to students worldwide. Using a variety of teaching methods, they not only teach important theory and strategies, but they provide the basic principles that you need in order to become a successful options trader. The key factor that they apply is that you will inevitably be most successful if you actually understand what you are doing at a foundational level, and are not just plugging numbers into a formula that you may have memorised.

Why do I like Options University?

OU offers the complete package - different methods of study, live seminars, and software. The courses are concise and complete, and the accompanying software provides all you need in oreder to apply what you have learnt. In addition, a scan of forums, blogs and scam alert sites generally only turn up positive reviews. Where there have been occasional complaints, they are mainly related to billing issues, and Brett Fogle, the CEO, responds to each complaint in person. My own experience is that this personal attention at every level is incredibly valuable.

What does Options University offer?

  • Home Study Courses.
    You can download the Options 101 course, the Advanced Options Course, or the incredibly comprehensive Options Mastery course to study at leisure at home. You learn at your own pace or repeat sections as you need them.

  • Online Classes
    Scheduled webinars that provide interactive (with a live instructor) classes on subjects such as General Options Classes, Speciality Options Classes, Practical Application Classes, Strategy Spotlight Classes, Technical analysis and Forex trading.
    Click on the Link and choose the "Online Classes" Tab

  • Option Specialist Newsletter
    A monthly newsletter with expert articles on options trading strategies and techniques by professional traders. Download a free sample!
    Click on the Link and choose the "Online Classes" Tab

  • Gold and Silver Membership
    Access to training articles, video archives of webinars, software, Options Specialist Newsletter, interviews, forums, trade recognition software and four hours of private tele-coaching (for Gold Members)....and a lot of other great stuff. Click on the "Find out more" button to get the full details.

  • Options trading software
    The tools you will need to apply the concepts you have learnt in the courses and become a successful options trader. Don't just learn the theory - have some fun trading!

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