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Options Trading Education
Home Study Courses by Options University


On this page I give you the nuts and bolts of the different packages and bundles that you get when you order the home study courses from Options University. There really is great value in these courses, and this type of options trading education is what separates the traders from the gamblers.


If you are a trader, and not a gambler, then you will take Options Trading Education seriously. The home study courses provided by Options University are really outstanding. There is no fluff or sales pitch - you provided with concise, clear and comprehensive material that is designed to make sure that you are thoroughly familiar with options trading concepts. The great advantage of studying at home is that you can do it at your own pace, recap whenever you need to, stop to take notes, go back to a previous lesson and refresh your memory.....it is all totally flexible.

There are three levels of options trading education that you can purchase for home study:

  • Options 101
    This course is designed for beginners, but is a lot more comprehensive than the free tips and outlines that you will find on the internet (even on this site!). Starting with 8 key concepts that every trader must know, it moves on to show, in detail, 7 strategies used by professional traders. At the end of the course, you will know exactly how to run these strategies yourself. There is then an introduction to advanced techniques, such as straddles, strangles and spreads, and some some interesting technical analysis tricks that will show how best to implement trades.
    This is an outstanding foundational course. What about cost? You will make it back in your first trade!
    Note: this includes the Volcone Analyzer Software as a free bonus!
  • Advanced Options
    The advanced concepts that were introduced in Options 101 are unpacked in detail in this course, with a focus on spread trading. You will learn, in concise detail, exactly what you need to know about Vertical Spreads (credit or debit spreads), Time Spreads and powerful strategies such as the Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly and Condor. From execution to closing, you will get enough information so that you know when a trade is going to be successful, and in particular, can recognise early enough when a trade is turning against you.
    This course really scratched where I was itching, and fundamentally set the foundation for my trading plan.
  • Options 101 and Advanced Course Bundle
    Get the whole package at a discounted price! If you get through these two courses, you will already know significantly more than most non-professional traders out there!
  • Options Mastery Course
    This is the granddaddy of all Options Training Courses. Holy cow, if you get this under your belt, you will be a master, and will know more about options trading than MBA graduates. With 27 video CDs, giving 21 hours of training, as well as a bunch of PDF documents, you have a lot of study to do! In addition, you get the Options 101 and Advanced Options Bundle included, the Volcone Software, 30-day trial to the Gold Membership, and a full year's worth of the monthly Strategy Spotlight Series.
    One of the keys to a good trading plan is diversity. You need to diversify in stocks anyway, but this course gives you the tool to utilise diverse strategies, so that you can attack any market from a number of perspectives, and really crank up the profit.
    This course is expensive, but it is worth every cent - in fact, you have probably already lost more than the cost just by making mistakes that you would not have if you had studied this material! (You can pay in installments if you need to).

Remember, investment is not just about money. You came to this site because you wanted to invest time and effort into increasing your skill. Options trading education is an investment that you will never regret, and you will recoup the cost so quickly that you will hardly pause on way to making oodles of profit.


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