Online Options Trading

Online options trading has become hugely popular in the last 15 years, as the internet has become faster and more widely available. In volume of trading, it has overtaken traditional brokers, and it has made option trading available internationally. Traders from China, Indonesia and Nigeria have become part of the massive turnover in the options market.

Why Trade Options Online?

  • Speed - it is no longer necessary to phone a broker and hope he gets a trade in before the market moves and the opportunity is lost. Buying and selling options, in almost any combination, can happen in seconds, and so allow a trader to take advantage of a market move very early. Sometimes, however, this very speed allows inexperienced traders make quick, emotional decisions that end in loss.
  • Information - The internet has vast amounts of information available in order to help make decisions for trading. Most online options brokers have excellent charting and analysis software, with rigorous filtering systems, to help you narrow the field and find the best trades. The difficulty is that sometimes too much information is not always helpful - you must know exactly which information you need in order to make the best decisions about a trade.
  • Make your own decisions - trading used to be limited to a few experts, but now it has opened up to allow anyone to make their own decisions and choices. This makes trading a lot more dynamic, and therefore potentially more profitable.

Things to consider when choosing to Trade Options Online

  • Broker choice - choose a broker with a good reputation, and large client base, and the ability to trade a wide range of option combinations. Look at some online reviews for client satisfaction or complaints. Do they have tutorials and helpful information? Do they allow paper trading, so that you can get to know their system before entering the market?
  • Commissions and Margin requirements - each broker has their own fee structure, and depending on your trading preferences, this can have a huge impact on your profitability. Bear in mind that some of the cheaper brokers do not allow the same level of flexibility that you may be looking for.
  • Type of software - some brokers offer browser based software (e.g. OptionsXpress), and some require you to install the software on your own computer (e.g. ThinkorSwim). In many ways, the latter is faster and more flexible, and often allows you to execute your trades quicker. The software is dedicated to the process, and will not be hindered by other background tasks that may be happeining in your browser.

Online options trading is one of the best things that has happened as the internet has exploded around the world. It is by far the best way to trade, especially for those living outside the USA who want to trade on the biggest and most dynamic options market in the world. Before starting with online options trading, it is important to choose the best brokers, and also to make sure that you have a good understanding about options trading, its potential for profit, and its risks.

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  • On this page I give some information on the advantages of online options trading, and some things to consider. After reading this page, you may want to compare some of the best option brokers, or you may want to find out about some good options strategies.