MT Options Review

MT Options ReviewMT Options provides an advisory service which proposes 4-7 trades per week, each trade to be held for no longer than 4 trading sessions. This is a risky strategy, but takes advantage of very quick moves in the market, without the penalty of time decay. Their system picks out trades, and alerts are sent out automatically by email, giving the rationale behind each trade. Each alert has an entry, targeted exit and stop price. Daily commentary follows each trade until it is closed. Subsribers also receive up to two additional alerts per week for trades on the NASDAQ index (the QQQQ).


The performance page shows every trade since 2006, with exact details of each trade. They claim a profit of $19,560 for 2012 (althoough do not show the starting capital, nor the size of each trade). Their data shows a total of 53 winning trades out of 100 for 2012.


The MT Options service costs $129.90 per month


The service is autotraded on ThinkorSwim, EOptions, Trading Block and OptionsXpress. Email notifications are sent out for each trade.


The performance data is imprecise and incomplete, however they do seem to be showing a profit each year. There are no independent verifications of results on a service like Pro Trading Profits. However, there are tons of comments, both good and bad, for this service. See below....and add your comment if you have used the service.

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User Comments

Average Rating: starstarstar

Carl Huth (Reno, Nevada)
Rating: starstar
I just dropped MT Options. For the past two months their high frequency of low dollar value trades, the number of losses and the commission cost was eating up my capital. One expects losses and commissions, but not at the rate experienced by using MT Options.

Mark (Washington)
Rating: starstarstar
I found MT Options a very easy to use website and the auto trading worked great. For the first month I followed thier autotrading without making adjustments. For the most part if the trade moved in your direction quickly you were sure to make a return.

If you stayed with thier recommendation after that couple of days you were going to lose money. I only suscribed for 2 months and found that this was not the service I was looking for because I needed to adjust the recommended trades all the time. So, if the trade was open for more then a couple of days you were going to need to depend on your own trading knowledge and place your own stop loss orders to fit your own comfort level.

Rating: starstar
I subscribed to MToptions for over a year. I was not overly pleased, and have since dropped the service.

In my opinion, they take far to many positions at a time, which ties up a lot of trading capital. It almost seems as though they "dart board" their picks.

They use stops that are way to low, then when the stops are approached, they cancel the stops (in most cases). This generally leads the positions to expire worthless.

Joy Norman (New York)
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
I've subscribed to MTOptions over the last two years and could not be more pleased. I feel they work extremely hard in finding positions ready to move. I love how they post all their closed positions and how quickly they respond to any of my questions. They are aggressive but in today's market this is what I want. I've recommended and will continue to recommend MToptions. I would also go as far as saying MToptions is easily in my top 3 for best newsletter.

Kevin (St.Paul, MN)
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
I subscribe to MTOptions and they are by far the best I've experienced. Yes, they are aggressive but the bottom line is that they make money. Show me one other service who did what they did from 9/08 to today. To me, they're incomparable.

Jason (Cincinnati)
Rating: star
I have been trading with them for one month. I allocate 10% per trade in an a dedicated account for this service.

Results? -72%. In one month. Yikes.

Great Calls by: Anonymous Nov 26, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Provided me with some huge gains over the last few weeks as the market begins it's cycle down. Excellent work!

Excellent by: Anonymous Sep 21, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Excellent returns provided this year, couldn't be happier with their service and performance.

Enjoyable and Insightful by: Ed. Aug 5, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstar
Very impressed with the vision and market insight provided daily. I've never hit so many doubles in options as I've done with mtoptions. I love the analysis but also the straightforward market outlook they provide. Aggressive and worthy of my following. Highly recommend to those who understand option trading and also market moves. Overall historically they have provided me returns not found anywhere else.

What are they thinking???? by: Anonymous. Aug 3, 2012
Rating: star
When the market is down, they send out puts all over the place, and then when it goes back up again, they just sit quietly while their picks stop out and never inform their customers about those stop-outs. Not only is this poor form to fail to acknowledge that something they picked didn't work, but it's also harmful to their customers' hard-earned money. What if someone accidentally forgot to set the stop or missed replacing it after their many 'remove-stops-before-opening' plays? Their customer would be out 100% rather than a portion of that loss. If that happens just once or twice, any net gains from their other successful picks would be wiped out.

Really Good by: Anonymous July 26, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Actually surprised how well it's going since March of this year. Was a bit concerned at how aggressive at time they seem but overall the performance has been unreal. Excellent daily communication, excellent format, and outstanding returns. Would highly recommend.

Awesome by: Ryan Jul 9, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
All I have to say is Awesome service. 2012 has been incredible for me utilizing mtoptions alerts.

Charged with out subscribing by: Kit Jun 6, 2012
Rating: star
I agree with the comment about being careful giving your credit card details to this service.
I requested a trial and cancelled it a few days later and got the email response that my account is closed. a few months later they charged my credit card saying that I request another trial and did not cancel????
I do not know about the performance. But this kind of behavior is not professional.

Oustanding Run by: L.F. Jun 1, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
10 straight winning trades, I have to give them credit! I've never done as well with my trading as I have done with using mtoptions. I waited for the market volatility to rise and caught them just at the right time. In researching services and speaking with different folks mtoptions continuosly would come up as the best service to use when fear is in the air; I AGREE!!! I've never been so excited to see a market drop.

An Honest Review by: Larry H. May 31, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstar
The danger of allowing people to post anything rather than an honest review becomes a bit bothersome. I autotrade the service and the track record matches. I've been with them for the past several years and never had an issue. I go to there recently closed section and it's there. As for membership I pay yearly for the discounted rate and never had an issue. In fact I suspended my service two years ago for personal reasons and they kept me on free of charge for the period of time I needed. Great service, very good trades, and they post all there trades unlike many of these touts out there.
It's a very entertaining service and they are fast which I like.

Stay Away by: Seattle Scam Watch May 27, 2012
Rating: star
Be careful giving your credit card details to this scammer as unauthorized charges will result. Track record is also fabricated as many 100% losers mysteriously disappear from the results page. Stay away.

Past few months by: Gio May 24, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
I have also tried this service on or off since 2008. I was fortunate and caught the amazing run in fall 2008 that these guys produced. I took a break and have been back trading with these guys in 2012. Results are strong when well managed with allocations. Right now they are killing it, when the market becomes volatile, they are at there best. As for support I never had an issue. Trades email for trading questions and support email for regular support and billing. Try going through there contact page, works great for me.

Not that good by: stephen Apr 10, 2012
Rating: starstarstar
I have tried this service on and off about 3 years. Some good hits but just as many bad hits. I seem to almost always choose the bad hits. Now I have trouble with them doing unauthorized bills after I have constantly request termination of my subscription. They NEVER return calls and it took 5 phone calls, and 4 e mails before I got last months charge removed. Now they have billed me for this month (unauthorized) and they are not responding to my request for credit. I think they are legitimate but very slack in management of the subscriptions. I might try them again later if they credit this month's charge.

Discontinuing service by: Anonymous Mar 23, 2012
Rating: star
Customer service here is non existant. I have tried for 4 months to discontinue service. They have not responded to probably 25 emails and a half dozen phone calls. All you get is a recording. Requests for a password confirmation get nowhere. I am locked out and cannot remove my credit card info. Look elsewhere.

Good Experience by: In-Vegas June 18, 2011
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
I really don't understand the some of the reviews regarding email support as I have never encountered an issue here. I am here to give praise to them as they have kicked but these last few months and it's been a great ride thus far. Also, I agree with comments below regarding mtglobaltrader; very good service but definitely not s active as mtoptions. Performance though for mtglobal has been spectacular in 2011.

A Good Service by: Anonymous Jun 14, 2011
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Not the best, but definitely not the worst. I enjoy the alerts and feel at times the streaks they go on make this service worth while. I have to say that they are the best in isolating quick trades for the big one day profits. Best i've seen in this category. I also appreciate the specific trade alert rather then a list of trades that may or may not work as some advisory services provide. For this reason alone I will continue to e a subscriber.

Stay away !!!! by: Anonymous Feb 16, 2011
Rating: star
Like a couple others, tried the service for a couple of weeks, tried to cancel, sent several emails and they still charged my credit card. After I called on the phone several times, they offered to add 3 free months -- thanks, but no thanks, you suck !!! Eventually I got the message through and the account was cancelled.

It is like the Hotel California, Once start you can never stop. by: Anonymous Jul 31, 2010
Rating: star
At least that is my experience. I joined and used them for a few months and then tried to quit. It was a nightmare! Finally, after many CC disputes they stop charging me.
A few months later it all starts again and I did not realize it for 3 months since There emails were going to a special spam account. It cost them nothing to do this to you. I spend hours on the phone trying to stop/reverse charges.
I have to change my cc number now.
Good luck with it.

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