Cycle Prophet Review

Cycle Prophet ReviewCycle Prophet (formerly called Turner Trends) is a stock trading advisory newsletter that specialises in trading momentum or trending stocks using stock purchases and covered calls. They have one free service and two stock trading portfolios. The service uses technical analysis of fundamentally sound stocks to predict trends or trend reversals on equity stocks. Subscribers are given buy signals and stop-loss recommendations, and guidance for exits. The screening factors for stocks slecetion are clearly explained with each portfolio.


Cycle Prophet has a detailed performance record for each of their portfolios, showing the exact trades that have been made. The records are easily accessible, and easily understandable, and appear to be an accurate reflection of performace. You can access the performance data here


Cycle Prophet has a free weekly stock recommendation. Their Top 15 portfolio sells for $34.95 per month, or $349.95 per year, and the Cycle Prophet Trades portfolio sells at the same price.


Although there is no information on autotrading on the Cycle Prophets web page, the service is listed as being autotraded on ThinkorSwim.


Cycle Prophet has plenty of information on its website, and the performance data is clearly accessible. As with any newsletter service, do your due diligence before subscribing.

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Iron Condor Trading, as well as Credit Spread Trading. Invest in an Iron Condor trading course, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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Peter (Las Vegas) Jan 31, 2010
Turner Trends
Rating: star
CycleProphet (from Mike Turner, initially called Turner Trends) conveniently stops his losing services to mislead investors. I followed his ETF recommendations for two years with dismal performance, even when the overall market was doing just fine. Then one day he says this strategy is no longer working, and closes the service. The problem is not just realizing his strategy was not working (it never did!!), but wiping its trading record clean and starting new services with clean slate altogether. It is VERY misleading and downright wrong to engage in this kind of practice.

loooser May 05, 2011
cycle profit (turner trends)
Rating: star
buyer beware !!! Turner now Cycle Profit is a looooser. I had first hand experience. Mike Changes the names of his funds so you get a distorted history of performance. I should have listened to my self. stupid

MozFeb 02, 2011
Lost money..
Rating: star
Subscribed to mastering the markets newsletter. Negative return in Jan 2011 Vs S&P 500 2.26%. highlights only successes and stocks making profit but never mentions the ones that lost money.

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  • Here are the essential details for the trading service, Cycle Prophet (formerly known as Turner Trends). The main focus is trading trends or momentum on equity stocks. Check out their performance for yourself...

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