Big Trends Review

Big Trends ReviewBig Trends is a large website with several different subscription services relating to option trading. There is a blog that has current posts, and there are some educational materials such ebooks and videos to download. Based on Price Headley's 'unique' signal system (which seems to be based on the Williams %R), the trading strategies includes buying both ATM and ITM calls and puts, debit spreads, LEAPS and Iron Condors. You can sign up for free for their Daily Trendwatch newsletter, and have free access to 'live' webinars. There are free charting services, an economic calendar and news articles about stocks, options, commodities and international events.


There is absolutely no data on past trades on any of their service, although they do claim to have an 88% success rate with Iron Condors.


Here is a list of their services, and the prices:

  • Option Shark (ATM Options, 8 trades per month): $3,995 per year
  • Options Swing Trader or Options Sniper (ITM Options, 8 trades per month): $1,995 per year
  • Weekly Options Accelerator (ITM Options): $2,995 per yeary
  • ETF Options (Options and Debit Spreads on ETFs): $995 per year
  • SMART Options (Long Term Options and LEAPS): $995 per year
  • Rapid Options (Iron Condors): $1,195 per year
  • Sunday Night Trader (Buying options once per week): $895 per year

You can sign up here


The service is autotraded on ThinkorSwim, Trade Monster and OptionsXpress. Email notifications are sent out for each trade.


There is no obvious explanation for the difference in prices between the different services offered, nor are there any performance data posted. There are also no independent verifications of results on a service like Pro Trading Profits. I would advise caution...

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Credit Spread Trading. Invest in a trading course that covers Iron Condors and Calendar Spreads, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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  • Here are the essential details for the trading service,Big Trends Review. They have a lot of different services, at different prices, but their performance data is not available. It would be hard for me to cough up money without seeing detailed and objective results