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  In case you are still lacking in confidence in forex trading, there are a couple of pretty good autotrading possibilities. On this page you I will review those and provide links.


There are some charlatans out there. These services seem to be pretty legit. Give them a try, drive them around the block, kick the wheels. Have a good look before making a final decision!

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The world of forex is huge, and very exciting, but can also be quite intimidating for those first venturing in for the first time. This is where it is really useful to sign up for an autotrade opportunity.

There are many services on the web that offer this type of service, some better than others. There are really three main approaches to autotrading forex:

Forex Robots - this is a system whereby software automatically makes all trading decisions based on a certain formula such as scalping, swing trading or trend trading. You can have the software based on your own computer, which means that it has to be on, connected and running 24 hours per day. Or you can base the robot on a Virtual Platform, which you log into whenever you want. The robot runs fully automatically for 24 hours without interruption.

Community based autotrading - a system whereby real human traders make the trading decisions. You can log into the system, and do your research to find the most successful trader. You can then choose to have that trader's signals applied to your broker account. The system is totally anonymous - the trader does not know that you have selected him. If his system goes bad, you simply drop him and pick someone else. or you can spread your risk by having your account traded by several traders that you have picked for yourself.

User controlled forex robot - in this system, the robot picks the trades, and you select the trades in which you wish to participate. This system requires the most user input and attention.

On this page, I describe one of each of these systems. In my opinion, these are the best available. I have used all of them, and am currently using one with great success, and one which I am still papertrading.

1. FAP Turbo Forex Robot - by far the best robot on the market!


This is a fully automated forex trading system that works as long as it is connected to the markets. You can install it on your own computer, or you can mount it a virtual service. It works by making LOTS of small trades, and so it is not affected by market direction. The designers claim that it is capable of doubling an account in 30 days, on fairly aggressive settings. My searching on the forums found that quite a lot of people have made this a reality - it really does work. It has data from back testing, and it has been tested live (in fact, it has a live account that updates regularly for you to check!). You can start with as little as $50 (there is no upper limit), there are no commissions (forex brokers get their profit from the spread, wheras options brokers get profit from the spread plus a commission).

This robot is getting a lot of buzz on the forums, most of it positive. Where there is negative criticism, the authors have worked hard to iron out the kinks.

I use this robot myself, and can only say that I am very happy.

Go here to buy the software. You get a money back guarantee with it.

2. Zulutrade - the future of Forex trading! Zulutrade
This service is a community based autotrading service. There are hundreds of people trading forex through Zulutrade, and you can easily login with a free account and see how others are trading. When you have found a trader whose results are appealing to you, you can set up a connection where the signals given by your chosen trader are applied to your account. The trader does not know who is using his signals, so you are protected. The trades and the service are all for free.

This really is the future of forex trading, offering a commmunity based approach with plenty of freedom of choice and lots of protection!

Zulutrade works primarily 22 different brokers, offering you even more choice. These brokers are so competing for business through Zulutrade that if any glitch shows up, they fix it quick! Their client interaction is improving all the time, and the one that I signed up for could not have made the process easier, nor more secure. They even offer a variety of ways of making deposits and withdrawals, which include credit card processing.

Zulutrade offers a full trading service, for amounts more than $10,000, but also offer a mini account which you can start off with $1,000. Normally you would allocate a minimum of $1,000 to be traded by a given signal provider, and as your portfolio grows, you could add providers to balance your investment and prevent major drawdowns by a single provider who has a bad run.

Click on these links, and you can read a more detailed review of Zulutrade's automated forex trading system, and for a free tutorial on how to choose signal providers to get free forex signals.

I have both paper traded and fully autotraded on this system, and all I can say is that this community based approach represents a major step into the future for forex traders. You have a LOT of control over how your investing goes, and you have HUGE opportunities for choice.

You can sign up for this service here.

3. Forex Automoney - you choose when to trade!
Forex Automoney - Make Money Just by Clicking This service provides autotrading with three services - intraday, daily and weekly trades. With their own proprietary system, the generate signals for these three systems. You can either fully automate their system, or you can elect to choose which signals to apply to your portfolio. They have no minimum requirement for startup, and provide lots of training and expertise for traders to follow. This is a good way for a new forex trader to start with training wheels! Why not take this round the block, kick the wheels and try out the seats! I have had a good look at their performance record, and I think that they are on to a good thing. The best is that they offer you a three day trial for $4.97, during which you can give them a really good examination for yourself.
Go here to sign up.

Forex Automoney - Make Money Just by Clicking 


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