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Zulutrade - the very best of
Automated Forex Trading


I love Zulutrade, and have done very well with its systems. I still mainly focus on Options trading, but this venture into automated forex trading has been a useful diversification for me. It is not quite "set and forget", but it certainly allows me another low input investment channel while allowing me to focus on my main interest, which is options trading.


ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!


Zulutrade appsOf all the automated forex trading systems available via the internet today, one of the best by far is Zulutrade. A completely free system, it offers huge choice and tremendous diversity to every possible variation of forex trader, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders alike. There are about 1500 signal providers, with trades on every major currency pair in the world. Zulutrade is affiliated with 22 brokers, regulated in the US, or in Europe, or offshore. This is the power of the system - there is no other online forex system that offers the choice of options, along with the robust decision making tools, to the subscriber.

How it works
It is very simple to sign up with Zulutrade. You can either link an existing account with an affiliated broker, or through the Zulutrade interface, you can open a new account with a broker that is automatically linked to Zulutrade. Once your account is open, you can start with as little as US$1,000 (for a mini-account). With your account funded, it is simply a matter of choosing your signal provider. The whole process is totally free, as the signal providers receive their commission from the brokers, not from your profit - so whatever you win is yours!

How to choose a broker

Zulutrade brokersThere are 22 brokers linked to Zulutrade, of which 4 are US based, 11 are based in Europe, and 2 are offshore companies (great for taxes!). Zulutrade itself has integrated fully with one brokerage, which is based in Greece, which means quicker executions. 14 brokers are MetaTrade 4 compatible, and 4 are ActForex compatible. This gives you plenty of choice! So, how to choose? Well, obviously, choose the broker that is best for you from a tax point of view. However, Zulutrade has quite a good measure for the efficiency of a broker, called "slippage". You can find this data by clicking on the "Performance" link, and then opening up any one of the signal providers. One of the tabs is "Slippage", and this shows you what percentage of trades are affected by a given broker's inefficiency. Pick one of the lower ones!

How to choose a signal provider
With its list of about 1500 signal providers, Zulutrade provides a filtering system and a sorting system, so that you can select signals based on the criteria that you are looking for. You can download every closed trade from every provider, and do your own analysis. Equity graphs are shown for each provider, so you can see at a glance what their performance looks like. Basic data are shown, such number of trades, over which period, percentage win, drawdown and number of followers. You can sort the data online by clicking on the headings - unfortunately you cannot yet download it and do your own analysis. As well as picking some really good signal providers, there is a facility for you to pick the very worst signals and reverse trade them!Zulutrade forex signal providers

Risk Management

Zulutrade risk assessmentZulutrade has a useful tool called the Margin Call-o-meter. Once you have selected your providers, you can allocate how much each will trade. The Call-o-meter will immediately show you whether you are over leveraged or not.

What next?
Zulutrade represents the very best of the community based automated forex trading - there is just no other system that is as flexible, as powerful, allows as much choice, and is for free! And, in case you are still not sure, you can open a demo account for a month, and try it out for yourself. Once you have signed up, read through this tutorial to see exactly how to pick the best signal providers.

Open a Demo Account

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