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On this page I tell you how you can advertise on this site.




I am open to placing adverts on this site, to a limited extent. Here is the stuff you need to know:

  • Ads can be 468x60 banners (within the main text) or 125x125 squares or 180x150 rectangles (in the right hand side panel);
  • I will place ONE placement per page, above the fold;
  • All ads must be relevant to the topic of my site, so anything to do with investment or forex is fine. No debt collection, credit cards or other spammy ads.
  • In accordance with Google rules, all ads will have the "no follow" attribute. So, no requests for SEO links please!
  • Costs for non-frontpage listing (you choose either a high traffic page, a high ranking page or a page with a particular topic): Paid in USD via Paypal (sorry, no credit cards):
    • 3 month placement: USD150
    • 6 month placement: USD280
    • 12 month placment: USD500
  • Front page listing (limited to ONE spot only!):
    • 3 month placement: USD200
    • 6 month placement: USD350
    • 12 month placement: USD650

Some data you need to know:

  • Traffic: always growing, but as of Jan 2011 the site averages 500 unique visitors per day; and 25,000 page views per month. Alexa ranking: 390,000
  • Page Rank: the site has a PR5 rating, and most pages are PR3 or higher.
  • Google listing: 34 pages are on Page 1 of Google search results for a given keyword (i.e. within the top ten of any search listing.

How to set up a placement:

Contact me by e-mail (via the contact page), with your advertising graphics. I will check the graphics, and your website and product for quality. If approved, I can have the ad up within 3 days of payment being processed by Paypal.

For the sake of the quality of the site, I am serious about the content, so please do not send spammy advertising proposals.


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