10 Percent per Month Review

10ppm10 Percent per Month is an options advisory newsletter that specialises is Iron Condor Trading. Their stated objective is to earn 10% per month on their whole profile, through an average of 3-5 trades per month. Starting with a basic capital of $25,000, they suggest that you can earn up to $3,000 per month. Most of their trading is carried out using the DIA, SPY, RUT and IWM Index Exchange Traded Funds. As these funds representa a very broad sector of the market, their volatilities are typicially lower than those for stocks. This means that risk is reduced somewhat.


The service has a very detailed performance record, showing the exact trades that have been made. The records are easily accessible, and easily understandable, and appear to be an accurate reflection of performace. The performance records have been verified at Pro Trading Profits. The website also gives examples of the relative advantages of compounding versus non-compounding, using actual data. You can see the performance data here


The 10 Percent per Month service costs US$125 per month


The service is autotraded on ThinkorSwim, E-Options, TradeMonster, TradeKing ( ), Global Auto Trading and TradeBlock. Email notifications are sent out for each trade.


10 Percent per Month appears to be reasonably successful, but does not fulfil it's goal of monthly gains. Here are the average gains for the last 6 years:

  • 2007 Average 8.3% per month (One losing month)
  • 2008 Average 6.7% per month (two losing months)
  • 2009 Average 8.7% per month (no losing months)
  • 2010 Average 1.7% per month (four losing months)
  • 2011 Average 8.4% per month (two losing months)
  • 2012 Average 6.5% per month (two losing months)

You could rely on a service, or you could learn how to do it for yourself. Get an overview of Iron Condor Trading, as well as Credit Spread Trading. Invest in a trading course that covers Iron Condors and Calendar Spreads, and practise your skill with the Iron Condor Simulator.

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  • Here are the essential details for the trading service, 10 percent per Month. With a focus on Iron Condor trading, it aims to achieve gains of 10 percent per month. Check out their performance for yourself...